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Bricks (Oxygen) plugin roadmap :: Popup Panel for variables#52


Right now, using the Bricks/Oxygen plugin we still need to remember (parts) of the class name. Please include a popup panel on input fields where we can select the variables created grouped per category (Examples as in: Advanded Themer - Bricksprops - ACSS).

8 months ago

Best !

8 months ago

Please, do so!

8 months ago

Hell yeah! After Kevin bought the Plaster plugin in intergrated it inside ACCS my hope has not been high. And please look at ACCS popup UI and the logic.
So depending on in which fields your’re clicking the correct values will appear op top. So when we create our values in CoreFramework there should be an option to add it to a category. or something. In that way it will open the correct values on right click.

7 months ago

++1 please ensure compatability with Advanced Themer (Bricks) and sync

6 months ago
Changed the status to
4 months ago