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Ability to change naming convention for margin and padding classes#40

I am finding typing the class m.a.r.g.i.n.-.r.i.g.h.t.-.3.x.l long winded.

I would like the ability to change the naming convention for auto-generated padding and margin to something more shorthand like…

mr (margin-right)
ml (margin-left)
mt (margin-top)
mb (margin-bottom)

then typing the class will be quick and easy eg:


it will also have the benefit (in Bricks) of quickly reducing the list of auto-suggesed classes.

3 months ago

This is essential for me as well. I already have an existing custom framework I use on sites, so being able to change the naming convention would allow me to bring things over into Core Framework. Can’t really use it until then unfortunately.

a minute ago