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Support form styling#127

Currently, customizing form styles requires modifying individual form elements within components interface. This can be frustrating, since we can’t apply the classes inside form elements in Bricks.

A nice solution is to introduce a dedicated “Form Styles” section within the Core Framework interface. This section allows users to:

  • Set global styles for all form elements (e.g., font size, color scheme, borders).
  • Define styles for specific form element types (e.g., text inputs, buttons, radio buttons).

  • Users can define form styles in one central location, eliminating the need to modify each element individually.

  • Ensures a consistent look and feel for all forms built with Bricks.
  • Provides options for both global and specific element customization.

By implementing a dedicated “Form Styles” section, you can significantly improve the user experience for customizing forms within Bricks.

a month ago