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Automatic Classes#100

Like in ACSS with auto bem classes it would be a great benefit if we have something like that in CF as well. Currently using Bricks with the preferred CSS framework - you have done a great job!!!

But, it would be nice if we can just have something similar to auto BEM classes in CF so that we do not need to add classes manually before we start designing something.

a month ago

@Chris M. * your preferred framework ;) Agree with point- it’s already listed as a top requested feature (@Zubair: duplicate topic, suggest merge)

a month ago

Yes and no, if you refer to #31

Maybe I am thinking wrong - currently Bricks is working on ID level first, without adding classes to every element.

You need to add them manually - and I would suggest something like to add a class in some ways automatically (switch in the preferences for example - to turn this on or off) and yes, then preferrably use BEM for the naming convention.

You could also add something like ACSS has, a toggle on the structure panel where you can decide to add classes in BEM style.

Well, I do not yet know if AT has this, as I am not yet using it so much and I am still in the process of finding the right tools.

What is great for example is Structeezy where you can add Emmet code in the parser and make it all have your classes added.

Anything similar like automatically assign classes to every element would be great in my opinion because it makes styling and reusing so much more effective.

Anyway, without automatic classes you may even forget to set a class - and then flush all styles on the ID level and rebuild them on the class level again.

Yes, automatically adding BEM is even more efficient as we can then can come back to the project later and still know what the class has been build for.

True that we may not want to have conflicts like if we insert a section on every page we do not want to auto generate a class for the section without properly naming it - sure. Like class .section would be dumb, and thus said something like AT has to move all ID styles to a class is something quite useful, too.

So at least we would need something like a class generator at least to add some classes later, if we forgot to set them initially - and then something which adds the option to get all ID level styles to the class.

Something like that.

a month ago